Adventure Tour D – 13 Days


The first permanent dirt/gravel road is open for the public to access the Arctic Ocean coastline of Canada at the village of Tuktoyaktuk. Enjoy 24 hrs a day of sunlight for this trip. Chena Hot Springs in northern Alaska won't be passed up without a rest day on our return to Anchorage. The KTM 790 Adventure R, KTM 790 Adventure, and  KTM 1090 Adventure R   


Alaska Motorcycle Trips Tour Program

*Terrain: 50% gravel 50% pavement

*Daily rides: 500 kilometers / 310 miles

Fly to Anchorage and the adventure begins. Pavement riding over the Chugach Mountains and into Wrangle St. Elias National Park and Refuge. The less traveled road (dirt/gravel) begins on Top Of The World Hwy. Into Canada and a ferry ride over the Yukon River. Enjoy Dawson City night life with plenty of bars / entertainment. Up the Dempster Hwy. into the Arctic circle and 2 more ferry crossings. Amazing vast views heading north into the Gwich'in nation and Inuvik. Recomended to stay in Inuvik for 2 nights with a day trip to Tuktoyaktuk and the Arctic  Ocean.   

Heading back south the same route you rode up until we get back to TOK.  Ride north of Fairbanks to Chena Hot Springs on the 13 Day Tour and enjoy the privately owned resort. Further north of Fairbanks is Manley Hot Springs where you’ll  enjoy more relaxing private spring.(this was temporarily closed 2019 season) Short rides on the newly built Tofty road to the Yukon River and Tanana River. 

Riding back on the same route you rode up until we get back to Fairbanks. Going down the Parks Hwy. and enjoying panoramic views and Denali, the tallest mountain in North America. Side excursions with 3rd party guides can be arranged on this route south back to Anchorage.

13+ Day Itinerary (weather permitting)

Day 1: Anchorage – Nabesena – 283 Miles/ 455km

Day 2: Nabesena – Dawson City – 250 Miles /400km

Day 3: Dawson City – Eagle Plains – 250 Miles / 400km

Day 4: Eagle Plains – Inuvik – 200 Miles / 322km (this section can be extremely difficult and dangerous  in the rain-mud)

Day 5: Inuvik – Arctic Ocean (RT) – 175 Miles / 280km

Day 6: Inuvik - Eagle Plains – 250 Miles / 400km

Day 7: Eagle Plains - Dawson City – 200 Miles / 322km

Day 8: Dawson City - Delta Junction – 331 Miles / 532km

Day 9: Delta Junction - Cheana Hot Springs - 181 Miles / 291 km

Day 10: Cheana- Manley Hot Springs 20

5 miles / 329 km (this section can be extremely difficult and dangerous in the rain-mud)

Day 11 Manley - rest/excursions 0 to 120 miles

Day 12 Manley - Cantrell 290 miles / 466km

Day 13 Cantwell - Anchorage via Hatchers Pass- 254 miles / 408 km

Distance 2,781 miles / 4620km


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